Simple training protocol web-app.

Between the Christmas and New-year, I was starting a small project to get familiar with bootstrap. The Idea came to me, when I was talking to the dude I am Training with. He encourages us do track our Progress. We have a set of 5 or so Exercises to get a merely full body workout within an hour. Which fits nicely into my daily routine. So instead of doing it on Paper or PDF-Forms, I thought it would be nice to do it on my SmartPhone.


The result is a web-based App which runs in a normal browser. You start with an empty Plan if you navigate to: The app is designed to generate an new ID and redirects you to an URL which contains the ID. So for accessing the log afterwards, you need to Bookmark the URL. The page is generated with static HTML. All the content is already loaded and hidden, or will be generated with JavaScript in response to the data returned from the back-end. The back-end is written in PHP, but the communication is JSON only. JavaScript is generating JSON for calling the back-end and the PHP is encoding its answer in JSON. So no HTML is generated with PHP. I chose JSON over XML because it has less overhead and you can work with it easily within Both PHP an JavaScript/JQuery.


The app is kept very simple. There are merely two to three functions. Generating the ID, getting the exercise protocol and adding new exercises.

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